Bathroom Remodel

March 9th, 2013

Kevin and I purchased our lovely 1 ½ story home in April of 2011. Foreclosed and uninhabited for 2 years, it may not have been so lovely to begin with… but I saw huge potential in the house we’ve since made our own. Before moving in, we found it necessary to remodel the one and only bathroom. It wasn’t the ugliest bathroom ever, but the bathtub didn’t drain, the sink didn’t work, and the window in the shower was rotting. We also saw a way to add space to the bathroom by knocking down a wall (fun!) and removing an unnecessary hallway preceding it. I pictured a zen-like bathroom with a pebble stone floor and shower, glass block window, spacious vanity and corner cabinet. Here’s how it turned out!



The focal point of the bathroom is definitely the pebble stone. We went with Ivory White Pebble Stone and #101 Quartz colored grout. For me, the hardest part about designing this bathroom was choosing the grout color. Picking the wrong color could be a costly mistake, so definitely take the time to do a test. The Quartz color ended up highlighting the white pebble stone with the exact amount of contrast I was looking for.


You can see from the above “in progress” picture where the old bathroom wall was. The hallway in front served as the entrance to the main floor bedroom, but by removing the wall (hallway) we added a lot of space to the bathroom. The other plus was that our bedroom would now be directly connected to the bathroom. We then had some beautiful glass french doors installed as the main entrance to the bedroom. (I’ll show that remodel in a future blog to come.)




Our cabinets were custom made. We painted them with Valspar’s Eddie Bauer Craft White Paint. This paint gave us quite a lot of trouble and makes me afraid to use anything other than Benjamin Moore ever again. The mirror is from Ikea. Given to me by my boss at the time, it was sitting unused in the photography studio space. It was black originally but a fresh coat of paint helped it match perfectly. I ordered our sink off Amazon at the time…it’s Kohler’s Bachata Stainless Steel Sink with Overflow, although now it appears to be cheaper at Home Depot. (Beware, it appears that the specs for the sink on Home Depot’s website are wrong.) I ended up choosing the Price Pfister Falsetto Faucet, not only was it cheap and made by a company called Price Pfister, I also think it looks like a music note!

And finally, here are “Five Simple Things”…that can give YOUR bathroom a completely new feel.


  1. A fun, amazing art print! This “Lovely Minnesota” print happened to be a gift from my friend, Shanita. It was done by the very talented Sara Lintner of Too Many Suitors.
  2. Never underestimate the sense of smell. Probably my favorite scent of all time, the Energy Orange Ginger Aromatherapy candle from Bath & Body Works will transform your bathroom into an uplifting oasis. Unfortunately they don’t sell this scent in candle form anymore (ask them to bring it back!) but they do sell it in wallflowers.
  3. A shower curtain. This one happens to be from West Elm.
  4. Add life to your bathroom with a plant! My favorite kind of plant is Bamboo. It’s also really affordable ($2.99 a piece at Ikea), really hard to kill, and did you know it’s lucky?
  5. Paint! If you do it yourself, paint can be one of the cheapest and most effective ways of transforming a space. This paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Bradstreet Beige.