March 24th, 2013

Dakota’s favorite toys always seem to be the least colorful, least interactive and least toy-like things he can possibly find. Whether it be an inexpensive gray battery charger or a very expensive Mac Mini, he seems to be drawn to things that are strictly not sold at a Toys”R”Us.

For instance, he loves our black Insignia channel changer that, for him, does nothing spectacular. On a rare occasion he happens to be biting on the right button, while it’s pointed in the right direction at the TV, and subsequently changes the channel, but I can tell you he couldn’t be more completely unaware that it’s of his doing. In regards to him always stealing our remote, my mom decided to buy him his own kid toy remote that’s colorful, lights up, plays music and even tells him that he’s in control when he pushes a button. But alas, this was no match for the uncolorful, boring in nature, black Insignia remote that we continue to search for in our living room.

It was only a matter of time before Dakota discovered and sought after my phone. I always preferred my phone sans case, but once Dakota started drooling all over it, gnawing it, and throwing it off the bed, I figured it might be a good idea to invest in one…and a very colorful one at that. After all, it couldn’t hurt to make my phone look like a toy. Then I could test my “Dakota unimpressed by toys theory” on something I just could’t afford to scavenge the house for every day.

Cue Casetagram.

I found Casetagram by chance and decided it would be fun to personalize my phone case in addition to making it colorful. I gathered fun and colorful pictures that I had taken off my phone and SLR camera. I also grabbed some of my super talented, friend and photographer Taryn Christine’s photos—the one of Dakota’s little feet being my favorite.


I put them together and voilà! My new colorful phone case!



As for the results of my very scientific experiment…Dakota must be like those drug sniffing dogs…only for technology. Although the colorful case did not seem to thwart his interest in my phone, at least now there’s some protection for it’s future wear and drooly/gummy/toothy tear.