Danielle Has Blog

February 9th, 2013

Welp. I’ve finally done it…fulfilled my destiny of becoming the craft mom blogger that I’ve always dreamed. Okay… so despite the initial shock of my becoming a craft mom blogger, your next thought might be…Banana Mustache? My husband Kevin came up with the name when he was feeding our son bananas and they had formed a mustache on his lip…a banana mustache!


Here’s a few things to know before reading my crafty and banana-y endeavors:

• I work as a designer at an extraordinary interactive/animation shop called PUNY.

• One of my latest and greatest achievements is stand-up comedy for babies, you can find my latest skit here.

• I volunteer take pictures of pups needing homes! Save the pups!

• If I could do anything in this world other than design, I would be a murder mystery solver. (That would literally be the title on my business card.)

• In addition to my husband Kevin being a singer/songwriter, I also write and play music…or used to…(hoping to get to more of that later). We were brought together by our love for music, writing and, ultimately, Dolly Parton’s manager (true story).

• I enjoy nothing more than being with my family, pup, and our, now almost 1 year old, baby boy Dakota.

If you ever have questions or want to know anything else about any post in the future…please ask!