Where I Work

June 12th, 2013

Welcome to PUNY! (The Minneapolis Edition) Located in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis, this is the lovely place in which I work!


PUNY is an interactive entertainment studio based out of Minneapolis and LA made up of producers, directors, designers, animators, illustrators, developers, and idea-ers. Small but mighty, we are the people behind the scenes contributing to some of the websites you visit, advertisements you come across, games you play, television shows you watch and movies you enjoy.

Here are a few quick links to some fun things from PUNY:

Fruitsnackia Snackulator

Super Feature Film Titles

Rubberband Jam iPad App

Tallie! Peer Counselor Animated Short


Mystery Jingle


Now for the tour! Here are some of pictures I took for our post in the Minneapolis Egotist:

Enter the space and the first thing you might see is this fabulous wall mural—which could only be the brain child of PUNY co-founder Vincent Stall.

Nervous in the entry waiting space? A buddy like Buddy may greet you and make you feel better or chase you away and bite at your butt if you are trying to rob the place. I’m serious. Robbers beware.

The MLPS team hard at work…except for the pup…he’s on break.

Scared to come visit? The view from outside a window is still nice!



Our resident pups, Clementine and Buddy Frankenstein.


Animation Director Mike Owens and Design Director Tousue Vang

Last but not least, an ominous sky creates an oddly beautiful backdrop for the PUNY space and sign. To learn more about PUNY and what we are up to day to day, check out zee PUNY blog.