Jellyfish Lanterns

May 31st, 2013

Hosting an under-the-sea fiesta? Decorating for Ariel’s quinceañera? By golly, then these jellyfish lanterns are for you! I found a few different variations of these while scouring the internets for Dakota’s birthday party, but ended up doing something unique based on these pretty ombre lanterns I found at Target.


• Paper Lanterns (1 per jelly) —These ones are by Spritz from Target
• Crepe Streamers —1 200ft roll was enough for 3 jellies
• Small Paring Knife
• Scissors


Step 1: After setting up your lantern, decide where you want your tentacles (crepe streamers) to hang. I decided to start from about 2/5 up from the bottom of the lantern. With your paring knife, cut through the paper where it’s not attached to the wire underneath. Stop cutting where the paper overlaps. Proceed to cut towards the bottom of the lantern following the line where the paper overlaps, but don’t cut the wires that hold the lantern together.

Step 2: Remove the paper that you have cut out by carefully peeling it off from the wire where it’s attached.



Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until you have gone around the whole lantern.


Step 3: Using a technique I found on the Glittered Nest, pink and twist the crepe streamers every inch or so. Cut or tear the streamer when it gets to the desired length of your tentacle.

Step 4: Tie a streamer to a newly exposed wire on your lantern. It helps to roll the end of the streamer so it’s more durable for tying. When you are done, cut off the excess end with your scissors.




Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you are satisfied and your jelly is complete!


And if these paper lantern jellyfish aren’t jelly enough for you, take a look at this other great jellyfish lantern tutorial over at Paper & Ink!