Revival of the Illusion Neckline!

May 8th, 2013

I’m not much of a fashion connoisseur, but being a designer, I know what I like when I like it! So with no formal background or schooling in the fashion realm, I’ll boldly say that I (and you too) can take something as unoriginal as a mass produced bridesmaid dress (no offense of course to Miss Vera Wang) and make it yours by making it one of a kind! Now, this could be like the time I decided to add band stickers to my acoustic guitar and people looked at me like I was nuts…or maybe the idea of being original isn’t as bad as adding sequins (purchased for $3 from Michael’s Craft Store) to a Vera Wang design? I guess we’ll find out!

One of my best friends, Carrie, was getting married and asked me to be in her wedding. She told me she was going the mismatched bridesmaids dress route which I thought was super cool and exciting to hear. It gave us all the chance to be our unique selves. She gave me a color swatch and told me to pick out something that was unique and…myself! I could help but take this assignment to the next level. Here’s the Vera Wang bridesmaid dress I picked out for the wedding:


The illusion neckline is one vintage fashion trend that’s been revitalized with enough twists, takes, and fervor to become one of my favorite formal looks. I thought this one could use some bedazzlin’. Here’s some of my inspiration for adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to the neck:


After picking out two tones of silver sequins and gray thread to match, I hand-stitched them onto the bobbin netting, each being about an inch apart. This video proved very useful for sequin stitching: How to Sew Sequins


and voilà! A super easy and super fun attempt at being a fashion designer! Woot woot!



Now whether or not I get laughed at for altering a Vera Wang dress…I guess that doesn’t matter to me! Especially when I gots this arm candy!


Sneak Peak! Taryn Christine Photography

April 29th, 2013

I just so happen to have a super talented friend who needed some help branding her new photography business, in addition to building a brand new website for it. The website is nearly finished and ready to go into development, but I can’t wait to show you what it looks like! This project has been so much fun! It’s hardly work when you’re designing for someone you look up to and admire as an artist. I’m so excited Taryn has decided to pursue her creative passion, because she’s truly a rare talent. If you are looking for an out-of-this-world photographer I can’t recommend her enough. Kevin will be doing the programming of her website, and I can’t wait to share it with you all soon!


Dakota’s First Birthday

April 26th, 2013

It finally happened! The big 1 year milestone for Dakota came and went on Tuesday, but we celebrated with an under the sea themed party last weekend. This guy is officially 1!


It’s crazy to think back on the past year and how fast time flies. In 1 year, Dakota has tripled his birth weight and increased his height by 50%! He’s developing this feisty personality that continues to be defined with each passing day. I love fostering his search for knowledge through exploration and playing games like Peek a Boo! Each morning I’m greeted by this wide-eyed, gap-toothed, red-haired baby boy and can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to have such an innocent, sweet being in my life. Happy Birthday boy!


Kevin thinks I may have went a little overboard (pun intended!) on making all the underwater birthday decor myself. All of the decorations were DIY ideas found elsewhere on the internet and gathered onto an Undersea Pinterest Board. I put some original twists on the jellyfish lanterns that I’m actually pretty proud of and hope to make some sort of tutorial blog for that later. If anyone’s interested I can also post some templates for the Happy Birthday banner. Thanks to our family for coming, Kevin for the mouthwatering slow-cooked carnitas and the delicious sea friend cupcakes made by my mom!















April 16th, 2013

Took some pictures of the sweetest pup, Milo, this weekend. He’s an amazingly beautiful black and tan Miniature Pinscher up for adoption at Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota. All I can say is this guy won’t be there for long…he’s super sweet, obedient, a great walker and model! Any person would be lucky to have this pup!






You can find out lots more information about Milo and how to adopt him by clicking here!

Wood Frames on a Budget

April 8th, 2013

Looking for nice, natural, light wood frames that are also affordable? So was I…and for quite a while too. After buying 4 amazingly cute prints on wood from Petit Collage, I just couldn’t find the right natural wood frames with which to hang them. Scouring the internet and custom frame shops was difficult; my choices were limited to skinny/straight style frames accompanied by a hefty price tag.

Finally, I found some unfinished wood frames I liked at Hobby Lobby and decided to stain and varnish them myself. Not only would this save me some money, I’d also get control over the color of the stain. The price of each frame? $7.99…definitely in my budget.


I purchased some Old Masters Penetrating Stain in Fruitwood and Krylon Clear Wood Varnish Spray and got to work.


I found 4 8×10 frames for sale for $5 on Craig’s List and bought them just for the glass.


In the end, I saved $81 by not purchasing the frames that were sold with the prints, and instead finishing some cheap frames myself. Definitely worth the time if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare.