Taryn Christine Photography

August 1st, 2013

I’m excited to share that Taryn’s site is finally live! It’s a simple, responsive, one page design with a modal gallery and a blog feed in the footer. The design features muted colors—inspired by vintage globes & maps, hand drawn lines over beautiful photography, and watercolor textures behind cutout photos. The launch of her accompanying blog has been pushed back to September/October due to Kevin’s jam packed music schedule. I’ve included how the integration of her blog looks in the site designs below, but you may notice it missing on the actual site for now.






The dual-sided “sticky” navigation bar converts to a one-sided menu button in the mobile realm that side slides to reveal the content areas and “follow me” links.




Find Taryn at www.tarynchristinephotography.com and be sure to consider her for your next photo session! I know I can’t wait for her to take photos of my family again soon!