Team Truckenmunch

July 25th, 2013

Well, the Color Run came and went…almost two weeks ago now (geez I’ve been slacking on posts)…but boy was it a BLAST! We were in the second to last run of the day which happened at 2:00pm and despite the heat it was a beautiful day with some nice southerly breezes. We didn’t take Dakota on the actual course but saved some of the color packets for him to join in on the color fun later. Despite having 3 color packets left, 2 of them were the same color—green; the other—yellow. Somehow, even after receiving my degree in Graphic Design, I came to the conclusion that if we mixed green and yellow it would make blue. I was disappointed to find that this wasn’t the case, but didn’t think much about it until reading the book, “The Color Kittens,” about a week later to Dakota. D’oh!



We couldn’t resist naming our team after something our good friend Shanita always calls us: Truckenmunch! I made a before and after cool comparison of our mascot Dakota. As you can see before the color fun he was simply a cool boy, but after he became a super cool boy!





The post-run team shot! From left to right: me, Katie H., Katie S., Kevin, and my brother Mike. Can’t wait to do it again next year! Team Truckenmunch unite!