Wood Frames on a Budget

April 8th, 2013

Looking for nice, natural, light wood frames that are also affordable? So was I…and for quite a while too. After buying 4 amazingly cute prints on wood from Petit Collage, I just couldn’t find the right natural wood frames with which to hang them. Scouring the internet and custom frame shops was difficult; my choices were limited to skinny/straight style frames accompanied by a hefty price tag.

Finally, I found some unfinished wood frames I liked at Hobby Lobby and decided to stain and varnish them myself. Not only would this save me some money, I’d also get control over the color of the stain. The price of each frame? $7.99…definitely in my budget.


I purchased some Old Masters Penetrating Stain in Fruitwood and Krylon Clear Wood Varnish Spray and got to work.


I found 4 8×10 frames for sale for $5 on Craig’s List and bought them just for the glass.


In the end, I saved $81 by not purchasing the frames that were sold with the prints, and instead finishing some cheap frames myself. Definitely worth the time if you’ve got 30 minutes to spare.